Legal Problems

Many people, when faced with a legal problem, opt not to pay the charges charged by professional lawyers but in many instances, most of those people wish they had after they get finished in court. One time when this is perhaps particularly true is if they should have hired a DUI lawyer Santa Cruz CA as experienced lawyers that specialize in Dui cases can often get all charges dropped against their clients, making them exceptional value for your money.

Santa Cruz is of course in California and so like other towns and cities in California sees many Dui charges being filed every year, more in fact than for any other offense and so there are several attorneys in Santa Cruz that specialize in Dui. Even if you live outside of Santa Cruz but have Dui charges filed against whilst you are visiting, you should hire a Santa Cruz Dui lawyer to help you as a lawyer located where you live, may not be as familiar with the Santa Cruz police procedures.

Often when a lawyer is able to have the Dui charges against their client dropped, it is because the police did not follow the correct procedures for making the charges and that therefore makes the charges illegal. A specialized Dui lawyer will, therefore, know the police procedures, possibly even better than the police themselves and so are able to take advantage of this when procedures are not followed to the letter of the law. Although a Dui lawyer from elsewhere may also be able to help, they would probably first have to familiarize themselves with local procedures whereas a lawyer already in that area will already be fully aware of them and so can respond faster and possibly more effectively.

Many people think that a Dui charge is just considered a misdemeanor but the truth is that a large number are considered far more serious and could be felonies. The Dui charges which are considered only misdemeanors are usually instances where a charge was made after a routine traffic stop and the alcohol levels involved were not that high. The more serious instances are when the charges are made after there has been an accident especially if that accident caused anyone to be injured or perhaps even died.

Due to the fact that Dui charges can be considered as both misdemeanors and felonies, the sentences placed on those people convicted of Dui can vary greatly from just attending special Dui classes or a fine to a lifetime ban on driving or even time to be spent in prison. As you may not know the severity with which the courts will look on your case, where ever you are charged with a Dui offense it is better to be safe than sorry and so hire a capable, professional, Dui lawyer from the area in which you were charged, at the earliest possible opportunity. If that lawyer cannot have the charges dropped, they should at least be able to ensure a less severe sentence is awarded.