Checking Under The Hood Of A Used Car

When choosing to get a pre-owned vehicle, a buyer should check and inspect the engine-related components under the hood of the car. Of course, sending it to a skillful mechanic is a better option, but the buyer can already check the car by himself before spending and hiring one. It can be easy to find if the buyer knows how to properly inspect a car including under the hood.

The best time to check under the hood of a car is when the engine is still cool. One tip is to arrive at the car dealership just a little bit earlier than the scheduled appointment so the buyer can check the car before the dealer warms it up.


If the battery has a built-in charge indicator on it, then a green color means that it is still good to go. However, either yellow or black means that the battery is dying or already dead. Another thing to check is the electrolyte level. If the battery has filler caps, then the buyer should wipe the top of the caps, unscrew them and check the level of the liquid electrolyte inside.

If the buyer has an independent mechanic, then he can check the charging system and perform a simple load test.


Aside from the liquid electrolyte level on the battery, the other fluid levels should also be checked. The engine oil should be honey-colored or dark, but not grainy. If it is still honey-colored, then it means that it has just recently been changed. The dipstick should be checked for water moisture or foamy oil. Both of these can indicate a blown head gasket or a cracked engine block.

The transmission fluid should be pinkish. The dipstick should also be checked for any metal particles.

The automatic-transmission fluid should be checked with the engine running and already warmed up. The power-steering fluid and brake fluid should also be checked if they are within the safe zone marked on the dipstick.


The coolant in the radiator should be green or orange. The exterior of the radiator should be checked for any visible leaks or coolant stains that may indicate pinhole leaks.


The rubber hoses that connect the radiator, air conditioner and the other parts under the hood together should be checked by squeezing them. The rubber should not feel too hard, cracked or too soft. It should still be firm.


Similar to the rubber hoses, the drive belts should also be checked by hand. They should not be frayed or damaged.

Finding a Car Dealership Selling Premium Pre-owned Vehicles

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